Lusty Odyssey


Lusty Odyssey

When you play Lusty Odyssey, you are embarking on an epic adventure! Join the continent and form your army to defend the peace after the defeat of the goddess Vannessa. You have been chosen by Vannessa just before she died to fight the forces of evil. Throughout your adventure, you will discover the intimate secrets of the characters you meet, and who knows, maybe you will end up in their beds ?

Are you ready for an intriguing and erotic adventure ?

What is Lusty Odyssey ?

Lusty Odyssey is simply a hentai game that uses the codes of the RPG (role playing games) genre to create the perfect mix of sexy, yet interesting gameplay. Here you will embark on an unprecedented adventure in which you will have to fight against the forces of evil. As your adventure progresses, you will be able to recruit a variety of characters. As a general, you can get to know all of their secrets through the "Secret System" which is a unique feature of Lusty Odyssey.

Offering a high quality hentai RPG game, you will be able to use the bodies of the women you will recruit during your adventure. Be careful too, you will have to infiltrate the enemy lines and convince some women of the evil army. What you will be able to do with great blows of hip.

And the gameplay ?

This is the most fun aspect of Lusty Odyssey. Here, you don't have a turn-based combat system like in most RPGs, in Lusty Odyssey, you will fight in real time with the women you have recruited. You will have to train them to unlock more and more powerful spells and attacks. You will also have to think about the best way to defeat your enemies by creating a tight and efficient team against certain types of monsters.

And to train or improve the techniques of your combat partners, you will have to learn all their secrets thanks to the special gameplay of Lusty Odyssey the "Secret System". It's very simple: by talking to your recruits, you will learn more about their past and you will be able to use this information to simply sleep with them! Once you've satisfied them, they'll discover even more devastating combat techniques !

You can combine pleasure with pleasure, and there's nothing better than a little blowjob to boost morale !

More than 50 fucking partners

Lusty Odyssey offers no less than 50 fuck partners that you will be able to discover throughout your adventure. Even if the game's story is a bit backward in general, you'll want to know more. As you progress through the chapters (there are 7) of the adventure, you will unlock more and more hand-drawn erotic scenes.

Each woman you recruit into your army is different, and the game really does offer variety. Big breasts, luscious buttocks or thighs everywhere, you are sure to find a woman who will perfectly suit your tastes. Then it's up to you to train her properly.

Our final opinion on Lusty Odyssey

We loved playing Lusty Odyssey, it's the perfect mix of erotic hentai game and real time RPG. The fights are fluid and nervous. We particularly appreciate the secret system that allows you to sleep with your recruits more easily, for our greatest pleasure. The game is full of small details that are pleasant. Like the fact that you can see your characters getting naked after taking combat damage. That adds some spice !

Besides that, the soundtrack and graphics are perfect, the moans of your recruits will be heard all over the continent. The game will give you hours of fun, to play without moderation.


  • A captivating RPG
  • High quality animations and illustrations
  • Hours of free fun


  • You have to play a lot to move forward in the story
  • Story pretty much non-existent


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