VR Fuckdolls


VR Fuck Dolls

Who has never dreamed of having sex with the girl he wanted ? To be able to choose her hair color, the size of her breasts, without her being able to do anything ? Well, VR Fuck Dolls has made the dream of a million men finally possible.

We describe in detail the characteristics of the game so that you know about this porn game that is causing havoc.

Presentation of the game VR game Fuck Dolls

This is one of the leaders on the web when it comes to virtual reality porn games. No, you didn't misread, we are talking about VR in this game! In VR Fuck Dolls you will be completely integrated to the sex scenes as if you were there.

It is not a parody game like Star Whores for example, or a game that favors a varied gameplay like Red Bed Seduction: this game favors fucking to the maximum by providing a maximum of sex during the game. Indeed, you don't need to do missions to win naughty rewards, you just have to ask and the girls will be all yours.

The real plus of this game is that you can decide everything without taboos. A brunette or a blonde? Bossy or sweet? Big breasts or small? You can decide everything and we love it! You will also be able to choose the place of departure as well as the sexual positions in which you will want to exercise.

How to play VR Fuck Dolls

Nothing could be easier, the game is free and offers a classic version if you don't have a VR headset. For those who are lucky enough to have one (and we highly recommend it) you will have access to the virtual reality version which is just magical.

To start a game you will just have to register and create an account to be able to save your games. You will then have to answer a few questions to confirm that you agree to see hard sex scenes, submissions and other trashy practices. You will also have to confirm that you are of age and in good health.

Back to the graphics and sound effects of the game

What can we say about the graphics of the game which are just top notch! The designers have done a great job on the VR which allows to transport the players in full scenes of intense sex. The immersion is completely successful and we can not reproach anything. Once in the game you will see that the characters are very well realized with very realistic bodies and sex more real than life.

As for the sound effects, once again we are not disappointed. In addition to living the naughty moments as if you were there, you will be able to hear the characters moaning to the rhythm of your comings and goings. This game is really excellent and will give you a lot of pleasure.

Our final opinion of VR Fuck Dolls

You absolutely must try this game and discover the power of virtual reality. It's simple, in VR Fuck Dolls everything is there: choice, women and especially, sex.

Get a VR headset as soon as possible and go meet your ultra sexy dolls.


  • VR is a real plus
  • Huge customization possibilities
  • Ultra realistic scenes


  • Prohibited to minors
  • Must have a VR headset


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