Red Bed Seduction


Red Bed Seduction

If you liked Red Dead Redemption and put yourself in the shoes of a cowboy, then one thing is sure, you will love Red Dead Redemption. A porn parody of the cowboy game, it's an opportunity for sex lovers to live a hard adventure in the Wild West desert. In this review of Red Bed Seduction we will give you a complete opinion based on user testimonials.

Red Bed Seduction review : a scenario so hot you'll come in 5 minutes

Like the original game, Red Bed Seduction offers a complete setting in the Wild West. You will be a Cow Boy who will have to carry out his missions to save citizens. His adventures will be spiced up by very hard porn scenes in which John, the cow boy, will be the main protagonist. The characters will all be eager for sex and will be looking for very hardcore adventures, such as orgies or sex in farms or saloons. In short, fans of naughty adventures will not be disappointed.

The exciting adventure of Red Bed Seduction

You will be the protagonist of an adventure and will have missions to accomplish. These will be punctuated by sex adventures that will make you progress in the game. As the action progresses, you will get to know the characters better and better and will be able to find out what they like most about sex. In short, you will be able to dominate your partners and satisfy them to make them scream with pleasure.

The graphic and sound quality of Red Bed Seduction

In the classic version of Red Dead Redemption, the sound and graphic quality was already excellent. We will find these strong points in the porn version. The scenery will be so well represented that you will almost find yourself fucking in the middle of the desert. As for the sound quality, it has not been damaged since even the slightest sigh of pleasure will be audible.

The graphics are top notch

Both the characters and the landscapes, as we mentioned above, benefit from a high level of graphic quality. The characters' bodies are modeled to perfection. They offer an even more palpable voluptuousness for the gamer, adding to his excitement level. All the sexual shots will seem so real, the blowjobs so sensual, that you will not be able to remain indifferent.

The quality of sound

We can say that the sound quality is excellent. If you play with headphones, you can enjoy the sexy sound effects of the characters and the almost real screams of your partners. Everything is there to immerse you in an ultra real world.

How to play Red Bed Seduction

As in all sex games, you will be in control of your actions and will be able to realize all your wildest fantasies. You will even control the camera to have a better visibility and cum even harder. You choose the scenes that excite you the most. This way, you can experience them in a virtual atmosphere, close to reality and in the positions that give you the most pleasure. In short, no player will be bored and everyone will find their dose of pleasure.

The hardcore side of Red Bed Seduction

If you are rather sensitive to hard sex scenes, you'd better pass. Between the multiple shots, the scenes with several people or the quick fucks, the scenes are hard. Pleasure is guaranteed but the amateurs of softer sex will have to go to less hardcore games as we described in our review of The Fister, where the level of play is adjustable.

Red bed Seduction review : our final opinion

As you can see, this is a game of impeccable quality in terms of graphics and sound. Moreover, the scenario is rather original. It takes place in the desert of the Far West, which is rather unique and causes an unexpected pleasure. All the qualities are there to make this game the ideal partner for your most naughty evenings and your pleasures in solitary.


  • Red Dead Redemption universe very well done
  • Good graphics and sound effects
  • Sex, sex, and more sex !


  • The levels go by too fast


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