Extreme Simulator

It's not complicated to understand what Extreme Simulator is trying to do - it's in the title! It is an extreme and hardcore sex simulator. Some of the scenes are super intense, so be warned! If you're looking for extreme sex, you've come to the right place - if not, there are plenty of other softer sex games for you !

To get all the information about this sex game, read the rest of this presentation.

Presentation of Extreme Simulator

This is - as you will have understood - a sex simulation game. You will embody the sex of your choice and fuck the sex of your choice too - no obligation of straight sex! Your partners will be modeled after your desires, and you will be able to create men and women to your liking for hardcore sex sessions.

If you've ever played a porn game, or even watched porn, you probably feel like you've seen hardcore sex scenes before. Rest assured, you've never seen anything like this porn game! Read on to find out how to play and what to expect.

Intense sex scenes in high definition

Not only will you see sex scenes that are unbelievable in content, but these scenes are of extraordinary visual quality. With incredible curves and stunning 3D models, Extreme Simulator is sure to impress.

This game that is played online directly in your browser was created with HTML5. This means that despite its small data consumption, the game is still visually excellent. Extreme Simulator is very realistic and even impressive, and it also has a great soundtrack. The sound effects that the characters make are exciting and natural and add a touch of realism that makes the game all the more enjoyable.

How does registration work on Extreme Simulator

To sign up and start playing Extreme Simulator, you must first tell us your gender and which partner you would like to fuck first. After that, you will have some choices to make to prepare for the game: the size of the breasts you prefer, as well as the ass, your cock… There are a few warnings to read as well about the extreme nature of the images you will see. It is necessary to verify your majority as well as to accept to see scenes that can offend the sensitivity of some.

After having passed the stage of questions and warnings, you will have to provide your information (email address, name, first name, country…). All that's left to do is to verify that you are of age and start your free trial! It's as simple as that!

Extreme Simulator : conclusion

To finish about Extreme Simulator, it is a game of high quality. Very intense sex scenes with breathtaking graphics and no download required ! Apart from the fact that you have to be 18 years old to play it, and that some scenes are quite hardcore, there are no drawbacks.

Experience Extreme Simulator and make your most violent, twisted and perverted fantasies come true!


  • Multiple sexual practices possible
  • High definition
  • No download required
  • Extraordinary 3D models


  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Hardcore scenes


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