Our review of Fucknite, the phenomenonal game

You are looking for a naughty game to spice up your evenings, in this article we give you all our opinions on the free game of the moment : Fucknite, this is a review of the best and hottest porn game !

If I tell you video game, constructions, wars, you will answer me without any doubt : Fortnite! Impossible to miss this video game phenomenon where the principle is very simple, build a maximum of fortresses and kill opponents who play online like you. The goal? Kill all the people in your party to finish the winner. However, this game lacks one small detail to win the hearts of the greatest. You will have understood that sex is missing! Because yes, it is well known that making love is much better than making war.

So take Fortnite, add a big ladle of sex and you get Fucknite, the game that will turn the internet naughty sites upside down! This porn parody of Fortnite takes the codes of the original game but no question of building walls and killing opponents, you have to fuck a maximum of people. Exciting, naughty, and addictive, you will quickly become addicted to this new game.

In this article we will explain you all the reasons why and how this game works. We give you our Fucknite review, strengths and weaknesses. Read on and this X game will have no secrets for you.

A completely free sex game !

If you were wondering if it was possible to get off on this game for free, well the answer is yes! Just like the classic version you can access the game without paying a cent. There is however a paid version, aligned with the same prices as Fortnite. It remains very reasonable and affordable. It allows you to have access to exclusive sex toys or to reach higher levels faster. You can also customize your skins which will make you more stylish than your opponents.

For those with smaller budgets, don't panic, the classic version is still just as exciting, you'll just have to be a little more patient to get access to new naughty items.

Visuals identical to Fortnite

Naughty games are getting more and more popular and you have to work hard to stand out. Let me tell you in this review that with Fucknite you won't be disappointed. You will not be disoriented because the game uses the same visuals as its cousin, in a virtual setting inhabited by cartoon characters easy to imagine in the middle of sex, you will be excited in an instant.

Have you ever dreamed of penetrating cult characters like Birdie or Sun Strider? Now it's possible with this sexual adaptation of the cult Battle Royale game.

Imagine an island where the main objective is to fuck as many people as possible in a given time and where only pleasure counts. Forget about pickaxes, hammers and other tools, in this porn version you will only need your sex to achieve your goals. The visual quality is great and doesn't disappoint our expectations. The shots will stimulate all your senses thanks to the counter dives of your sex penetrating hard a character of the game or of you in full blowjob. Unbelievable but true, even with animated visuals the sensations will be tenfold and very real! You will never feel as hot as when playing in front of your computer. Thanks to Fucknite, immerse yourself in the hottest atmosphere in one click.

Although sexual, this X game uses the same codes as the classic version. The rules of the game are simple, the one who will have fucked the most characters in a given time will win. No need to look for tools in the males, they have all been replaced by sex toys and other naughty objects.

And if you like parodies, try also Apexxx Legends the porn parody of Apex Legends.

How to play Fucknite ?

Certainly exciting this game remains nevertheless pornographic and thus subjected to some rules before starting any game. At first, the site will ask you to answer a few questions quickly to make sure you accept the rules of the game. You will have to confirm that you agree to see hard sex scenes, sodomy and even orgies. Finally, confirm that you are not prone to epileptic seizures or addictions of any kind.

Once you've filled out this information, you'll need to fill out your preferred sexual practices so that the game can work best for you. If you like to be able to choose the intensity levels of your lovemaking, you'll probably like the new X game that's all the rage right now: Narcos XXX. Read our review of Narcos XXX to learn a little more about this naughty game. Solo or with others, through hardcore, unusual practices or simple fellatio, you have the choice. Finally you can mention the cult characters of Fortnite that excite you the most and that you can't wait to fuck.

Once you've filled in all this information you're ready to land on the island and taste the pleasure of this game!

Our opinion on Fucknite, the conclusion to our review

In this review, clearly, our opinion of Fucknite is more than positive, for us it's a faultless game! This naughty parody that uses the same visuals as the essential Battle Royale game, Fortnite, has everything to please. From its identical visuals, added to that a plot based exclusively on hard fucking, the game will seduce Fortnite fans as well as the most naughty among us.

With a pre-selection of your favorite sexual practices the game will give you what you want to see. From an ordinary blowjob to the most daring sexual practices, alone or with others, there will be something for everyone! Fucknite has managed to combine stakes, excitement and pleasure and it is not for nothing that it is already one of the best sex games of the moment. Always with the aim of pleasing the greatest number of people and being accessible to all, the free version is excellent and ensures maximum pleasure. For those who always ask for more, with more than reasonable prices you will be served with the paid version which will allow you to acquire naughty objects.

The only drawback is that the French version is slightly less polished than the American version.

For the connoisseurs, you liked the hard scenes of Fucknite and you still ask for more. Read our review on the game Red Bed Seduction, pleasure and ecstasy will be at the rendezvous with sex scenes always more hard.

Are you curious and do you want to try this erotic game that makes everyone who tries it addicted? Go ahead and try it for free.


  • Perfect parody of Fornite
  • Sex scenes galore
  • Relationship with the characters of the game


  • Skins sometimes are paying
  • Sounds and effects in low quantity


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