Many porn video games based on series, movies, and video games exist today. Westsluts is one of the best in the genre. A breathtaking game that parodies the universe of WestWorld, you will not be able to turn off your PC! Read on to find out what makes it such a popular sex game.

Westsluts, sex in a western universe

The universe of Westsluts is really what makes it a great game. Like in the WestWorld series, in Westsluts the world is populated by humanoid beings, but not quite human. This detail removes the guilt part that one can feel sometimes with some hardcore games! The universe is filled to the brim with ultra sexy and ultra hot androids, and it's your personal theme park! Do whatever you want with it!

The wild west world is very well done and beautiful: the costumes, the weapons, the voice acting, everything is done to make you enter the world of Westsluts and to offer you a complete experience. If you like the wild west and/or WestWorld, this game will please you!

A universe that builds to your taste !

This game gives you the best of two different worlds when it comes to XXX video games: you have a very detailed and precise universe, while having a lot of possibilities when it comes to personalization. Often "themed" or parody games offer you very few possibilities and choices in creating your game, but Westsluts doesn't hold you back. You can create women as you like, choose the size of their buttocks, their breasts, the color of their skin, their hair, etc. Androids are made to give you pleasure!

You can even choose their character: some characters will be easier to seduce, and others will make you work a little. It's up to you to see what makes you want to!

Westsluts, the wild west in high definition

You won't believe it when you're in the game, we assure you. The graphics are of an excellent and unparalleled quality: for a game playable in your web browser and without any download required, this game is really beautiful. The 3D models are incredible, and the game is in 60 FPS all the time (depending on the PC you have). Just compared to the triple A games that come out in the last few years, Westsluts is not far behind!

The Gameplay

To start playing this XXX title, you have to create an account. To do so, you'll have to click on the link on the right to access the homepage. Westsluts is a very customizable game, something you will understand very quickly.

As soon as you get to the homepage, you have a choice to make: you have to choose if you want to start a NSFW, Erotic or Hardcore adventure. Remember to wear headphones for this step, as there is some narration on the Westsluts page.

Once you have chosen the theme of your adventure, you will need to choose your first partner. This choice doesn't have much of an impact on the game itself, so just pick the one that gives you a hard-on! After one or two more questions (just to set up the game), you will go to the registration stage. For this, you will have to enter your name, first name, email and postal code.

All you have to do is check that you are of age and off you go! You could start a game of Westsluts!

Conclusion about Westsluts

Westsluts is one of the most sought-after porn games in recent years: with the popularity of WestWorld and the return of the Western aesthetic, it's not surprising. The developers of Westsluts have created THE game to meet the expectations of the fans. With breathtaking graphics and a hyper-realistic universe, Westsluts offers a sex game experience like no other.

Fucking hot androids without the guilt? It's possible in your personal XXX theme park with Westsluts!


  • The WestWorld universe respected
  • Ultra customizable
  • Incredible graphics
  • No download required
  • No guilt !


  • Sometimes very hard scenes


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