Foot Fetish Game


Foot Fetish Game

If you are one of the people who love feet, we have found the game for you! Foot Fetish Game exists to help people who are turned on by feet to enjoy a 3D porn game. When we say there's a game for everyone, we're not lying !

Small feet, big feet, long or short toes, polished or not, the possibilities are endless and the fun is at its peak ! Read on to discover all about this incredible game.

Foot Fetish Game, or how to get off !

Jokes aside - Foot Fetish Game has an amazing quality. In this naughty game, you will indeed be able to attend footjobs, suck toes, massage feet, cum on them… there are so many possibilities of how to please yourself with a simple pair of feet !

By registering on the Foot Fetish Game website, you will have access not only to the basic title, but to many foot fetish games! Mini games and less hardcore games if that's your thing - even more possibilities to have fun.

The technical and visual aspect of this fetish game

Like many porn games these days, Foot Fetish Game is played in your web browser. This means that there are no downloads to be done - you just have to register to play it using your browser. However, this does not detract from the quality of the graphics: Foot Fetish Game is ultra realistic and very beautiful. There is a real attention to detail that shows in the bodies, but especially in the feet.

The curves and skin of the feet are incredible, each one having little details that make it unique, like a nail polish or a toe longer than the others. You'll have a hard time knowing if these are real foot images or 3D models sometimes !

The sound is very neat too, with intense, natural and realistic pleasure sound effects. While you suck their toes, the women will make little moans of pleasure that will increase the sensations, guaranteed !

How to play Foot Fetish Game ?

When you get to the home page by clicking on the link on the right, you have to click on 'Let Me In' to start the registration. First, you have to decide if you want to play solo or multi. Next, you'll have to choose between two images of feet in 3D, and whether you prefer to cum on your feet or your buttocks. Once you've made your decisions, you'll need to enter your contact information and verify your majority to start your free trial !

Foot Fetish Game, a complete game for foot lovers !

To conclude on this game, we are dealing with a very beautiful game made specifically for those who fantasize about feet. The technical aspect is very impressive, with no need to download and with a free trial period! We advise you to test it and see for yourself how exciting feet can be.


  • Very realistic graphics
  • Perfect for foot lovers !
  • Multiple sexual practices possible
  • No need to download
  • Incredible sound effects


  • Forbidden to under 18 years old


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