Our review of Bangerlands3

Are you looking for a porn video game where you can have fun and enjoy yourself in a split second? Try Bangerlands 3, a fantastic game that will never stop stimulating your imagination. If you are not familiar with it yet, read our review of Bangerlands3. We introduce you to this porn game that is all the rage by carefully detailing its strengths and weaknesses.

What is Bangerlands3 ?

If you're a video game fan you couldn't miss the original Borderlands3 game. This game, the latest in a series of four, has been a huge success since its release.

We find ourselves in a fantasy world with a strong identity. Indeed Borderlands3 is not all rest and attracts its players in a state of extreme excitement. In a game the goal is quite simple, as in most online games, the goal is to kill enemies with weapons without being killed first. Running, jumping, hiding, Borderlands3 gives you an instant adrenaline rush. Add to that blood, violent fights, a touch of crude humor and you have the perfect trashy war game.

Now imagine if we kept the identity of the game, but the violence was replaced by sex. Well… the sex in this game is just as violent, you might say, because in Bangerlands there is no such thing as softness. If like this one you like porn games with hard sex scenes, read our review on Red Bed Seduction. It's an X game that takes place in a cowboys atmosphere and where, like in Bangerlands3, sweetness and subtlety have been forgotten.

How to play Bangerlands3

Like all pornographic video games, the game requires an age limit of 18 years to start playing. At the very beginning of the registration process, you will be asked for your age to ensure that you are not underage. After that, a user account will need to be created.

You are getting close to the goal, it's very fast don't worry. Before playing you will be asked a few questions to certify that you agree with the images you are about to view. You will be asked if you agree with the hardcore pornographic scenes for example, because remember, Bangerlands3 is not about lace! You will then finish by stating that you do not engage in any addictive behavior in any area.

That's it! Once you've filled in this information you're ready to play.

The goal of the game

Like the classic version, you will play as a male character who must carry out missions to achieve his goals. Missions… purely based on sex you can imagine. Bangerlands3 is an adventure game where the goal is to get laid as much as possible. The better you are during your sex, the more you can progress in the game.

Unlike games like NarcosXXX where you can choose the intensity of your sex, here it is hard and only hard. If you want an X game where you can choose the modes according to your desires, read our review on NarcosXXX. If there's one thing we can reproach Bangerlands3 for, it's that. We are not against hard scenes, on the contrary, but being able to choose is a plus. For people looking for softer moments, prefer a game where it is possible to choose the intensity of the relationship. As far as our game is concerned, between sodomy, ejaculation and so on, you'll be amazed, no pun intended…

For the fans of pornographic images more trash than the others, then this game is made for you. You will be immersed in a world where only fucking and pleasure count. Moreover, the quality of the graphics and sounds will make your experiences even more realistic, which will stimulate you and make you enjoy yourself instantly.

By the way, keep reading our review to know more about the graphics of Bangerlands3.

A focus on graphics

In this review of Bangerlands3, you'll see why it's one of the top 3 porn games with the best graphics. We have to admit that there is a lot of work done on the visuals and sounds of this game which makes the experience just incredible. The designers have redoubled their efforts to offer us a quality game and it shows! Indeed, just like in Borderlands3, the creators of the game have put the emphasis on the visuals. If you were a user of the classic version you must know that this was one of their biggest assets.

As in most good X games, the designers opted for 3D rendering to ensure an ever more realistic ending. This technique is all the more effective when you know that these are hard scenes where the smallest detail is important. The shots are more than real, as if you were attending a real hot scene. Imagine yourself in the middle of a blowjob with a quality so good that you live the moment as if you were there.

And the sound! Here again they have done very well. No detail has been left out and you will be able to hear even the breath of the characters in your ears. Nothing is more stimulating than the sounds emitted during an erotic scene. At the beginning, you will be warmed by hot and seductive sighs, then you will end up with screams and moans emitted during a hardcore penetration.

Nothing to reproach on this point we can only draw our hat because the quality is there.

Bangerlands3 review : our final opinion

This game is made for the hardcore sex fan. It's not a game that everyone will agree with. Its use of violence during sex and other unusual practices may slow down the game, but it must be admitted that it is of impeccable quality. And that's what makes it so strong. The rendering is impeccable and the sounds emitted give the impression of fully living the present moment. Pleasure 100% guaranteed.

However, you must be warned that this game is hardcore and not for everyone. Some might be shocked and this is not the expected outcome when our only goal is to live a torrid moment.


  • A nice parody of the game
  • Very hard scenes
  • Free game


  • Sex can sometime be too violent


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