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Star Whores

If you are a fan of the most famous saga in the history of cinema, Star Wars, and if the pretty heroines of the different movies do not leave you indifferent, you should love this porn game from the universe of the franchise! Star Whores takes you on an adventure and you'll meet all the most famous characters from the movies, in a XXX version that will allow you to fulfill all the fantasies that have been driving Geeks for several generations !

Want to fuck Princess Leia, King? Then this sex game is for you! We give you our opinion on Star Whores, detailing its technical features, its naughty game modes and the different ways to have fun with the jedi, sith and other sexy creatures that populate this universe.

PS: Want to try the game right now ? It's free, so go ahead without waiting.

Star Whores, the Star Wars sex parody !

The Star Wars saga has moved entire generations and if lightsabers, the power of the force and the most charismatic villains fascinate the followers of the greatest space opera in the history of cinema and everyone has his theory or his favorite character, the fans generally have a common point on which they find themselves and agree: the sexy girls who populate this universe!

In Star Wars, the heroines are powerful and, each in their own way, have a little bit of a naughty side. Padmé, played by the magnificent Natalie Portman, with her haughty air, Princess Leia with her rich princess side, and more recently Rey, who on the contrary knows how to please with her pretty curves and her rebellious character. And there are many others, because whether it is on the side of the force, or on the dark side, the women with the well drawn forms are legion in the saga and you will enjoy discovering some sexy bodies that you did not know because they were well hidden under their armor or their costume…! In Star Whores, you will be able to fuck them as you wish, in sometimes very hard situations!

It's not the first pornographic parody game out there, but just like the very naughty Westsluts (check out our review of this WestWorld parody), this adult game relies on high-quality X-rated realization and action possibilities that make it particularly exciting. And you can play it for free!

Ready to discover what's behind this Star Wars porn game ?

Play Star Whores, discover the dark side of Star Wars !

Although it's called The Rise of the Skyfucker, in reference to the last episode released, Star Whores is not limited to the last trilogy but allows you to go through all 9 movies and meet all the main characters. Fans will be delighted.

But before you can have fun with Queen Amidala, or cum on the alien chest of the sexy Twi'lek, be warned: this is a very hard on the ass game, which should not be put in all hands !

In addition, the title asks you, before your free registration, to confirm that you have nothing against aggressive sex, that you will not be shocked by the sometimes very raw scenes, which include female submission and domination, and that you are not the type of person to be impressed by the sometimes violent sex.

Then, it's up to you to define your favorite practices, to guide the game: are you a fan of extreme sex? gang bang? do you want to have virtual sex with specific celebrities ? you can choose up to 3. Finally, you can tell the game which Star Wars character turns you on the most, among the hot girls from the main trilogies and even the heroines from the spin-offs, like Jyn Erso from Rogue One ! What fun !

All that's left to do is play, and as we'll detail in the rest of this Star Whores review, you won't be bored if you're a fan of virtual sex without limits.

Review : varied and very X-rated game modes

Star Whores puts you in the shoes of several characters, so you can choose between the classic stormtroopers, the most famous Jedi, the siths or some emblematic figures like Jabba the Hutt or Chewbacca, if you like weirdness! And the objective is simple: chain together the most difficult sex scenes to raise the bar of pleasure.

In this Star Wars porn game, you have several game modes at your disposal, including a cool viewer mode to watch 3D mini X movies with your favorite heroines. Entertaining, it's perfect to warm up a bit but is not worth the director mode, which puts you in the heart of the action!

In this one, you're free to choose your actions, and control everything like a director! Do you want to see Rey being penetrated by Finn in a spaceship? Would you rather see various alien jedi demonstrate their sexual skills in the far reaches of the galaxy to gain valuable information? Or are you excited to see Padmé interrogated, bound and defenseless, and surrounded by Imperial forces ? You are free to choose.

The more you play, the more variety you get, and Star Whores is no slouch when it comes to content, with numerous scenarios available, characters to unlock, great camera shots and, most importantly, real freedom to bring your fantasies to life. There's nothing complicated about it, as a control panel allows you to perform all sorts of actions. And there's more than just conventional sex in this daring Star Wars parody.

If one is satisfied with the initial style in doggy style or missionary, very quickly, the desire to try threesomes, Bukakke, sex based on giant tentacles or lesbian scenes mixing times (yes, seeing Rey licking Padme's pussy is very strange….. but very exciting!) is quickly felt and there is no reason to deprive yourself. Especially since it is so pretty, as we will detail in the rest of these Star Whores reviews.

In my opinion If you like Star Whores in my opinion, then you will like Apexxx Legends or The Fister, two excellent porn parodies.

Star Wars porn game : a realization that has strength

Recently, we have seen sex games flourish that are able to reproduce women's bodies with a level of detail that was unthinkable a few years ago. We've seen it with the sex simulator SexEmulator or in the VR virtual reality game Fuckdolls, which do great things. Well, Star Whores has nothing to be ashamed of in this respect, with splendid modeling of Star Wars girls!

At times, it's really impressive and the immersion in the universe of George Lucas' saga is total! The breasts sway naturally, the heroines' bouncy little buttocks jiggle rhythmically under the caresses of their partner's loins and the semen flows freely over their skin in a very believable way. We salute the work of the developers who pay tribute to the actresses and their characters with one of the most beautiful adult games of the moment.

Star Whores is very intuitive to play, and even novices will find their bearings in a few moments. And since it's a very addictive game - as the game says at the beginning - you'll quickly master it with the tip of your mouse.

As for the sound, the voices and screams of the sexual partners are very naughty and the music is catchy, even if it's not the official Star Wars. If you want a sex game that offers entertainment, this is a great choice!

Review of Star Whores, an excellent pornographic game based on Star Wars

We won't hide the fact that our review of Star Whores is positive, because here, we have a very complete, very well made and free sex game. It's hard to ask for more, because it's not every day that you can access such content so easily.

If some people are wondering if it is absolutely necessary to be a Star Wars fan to play this sex game, they should know that this is not necessarily the case. Sure, it will be more exciting to know the characters to create scenes with historical context to enhance the excitement, but the achievement is of such a high level that the hardcore sex phases stand on their own and shouldn't leave your mouth open.

This is a hardcore title, which is aimed at adults and is quite normal, when we witness intense group sex scenes with an overexcited Rey, or the capture of Princess Leia who has to pass sexual tests before being released….. On several occasions, we can imagine what happens between the key scenes of the Star Wars films, which we don't see on screen… And it's really hot!

If you like very good sex games, if you are familiar with the universe of the Star Wars Saga or if you are attracted by the sexy actresses who play the main characters, and if you like to give yourself pleasure with hard scenes, then this Star Whores will take you to the dark side of pleasure!


  • Star Wars universe respected
  • Quality graphics and sound effects
  • Hard sex scene
  • Variety of characters


  • Fixed camera, always the same shot
  • Some characters blocked


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