Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is the reference in terms of sex simulators. This game is far ahead of its competitors for several reasons, which we will present to you in the following article.

Sex Emulator is a simple sex emulator game, but it is very powerful. Everything is possible, everything is customizable and mutable. No game in its genre gives you so much freedom with such beautiful graphics! Read on to know everything about this ultra realistic and exciting game.

Sex Emulator, the game where you are the king

The main interest of Sex Emulator and its selling point is the customization. You will be able to create a doll from head to toe, choosing her cut and color, the size of her breasts, her buttocks, etc. Not only can you create sex partners to your liking, but you are also the one who manipulates and creates the most exciting situations and worlds. Imagine yourself as a movie director, and all these girls are the actresses.

You choose their looks, and you tell them what to do, where, how and when. It's a dream come true with Sex Emulator !

The customization of your sex doll doesn't stop at her looks. You can choose her origins, her name, her sexual skills and much more.

The gameplay

The gameplay is very simple: create women and tell them what to do. You can either play as the protagonist yourself, or keep a third-person perspective. You can even play in VR for more realism: plug in your VR headset (a wide range are compatible), and fuck the women you created in first person!

This is a touch that really makes Sex Emulator stand out - realism even in VR. You'll actually feel like you're fucking them yourself !

As you play, the goal is to level up your dolls and give them the opportunity to learn new sexual skills and abilities.

Breathtaking graphics

As we just said, this is a game with incredible graphics. Whether you are in VR or in third person, the realism and the said graphics are bluffing. You can really wonder if it's 3D! After a few minutes of playing in virtual reality, you can really believe you're there and forget you're wearing a VR headset.

The use of HTML5 has made it possible to create an incredibly realistic game while avoiding downloading : Sex Emulator is a game that can be played with your web browser !

What is the free version of Sex Emulator worth ?

Once on the site, you will be able (even without registration) to test the game a little bit in the form of a tutorial. It is a very limited tutorial, and at the end of it you will be asked to create a free account.

With a free account, the features of Sex Emulator are of course limited. You will have access to some of the customization criteria and very few options regarding the sexual abilities of your doll. If you wish to test the full version, you can subscribe to a subscription, with which you will be offered a 2-day free trial. If you want to continue playing, your subscription will be charged €39.95 per month.

Final Conclusion

Sex Emulator is one of the best sex emulators currently on the market. The customization criteria are very extensive, and the graphics are extremely satisfying. The voice acting and sound effects add a touch of realism - every little detail is taken care of to help you live a realistic and exciting experience !

Don't wait any longer, try the full version for free right now !


  • Infinitely customizable dolls
  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • Compatible with VR technology
  • No need to download


  • Some features are blocked behind a paywall


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