Game of Moans


Game of Moans

Sex games based on TV shows are a dime a dozen, but no show has been as epic and popular as Game of Thrones. Because of this, of course, there has been a big trend for medieval-themed porn games and videos, or with characters that resemble those from the cult series. Thanks to the popularity of the series, the leading sex game in GoT parodies was created, Game of Moans.

It is a comic book style game, in episodic form, which takes place in the world of Game of Thrones. If you liked the series, or you've already got a hard-on for the chicks who play it, you'll love Game of Moans !

Presentation of the game

To begin this presentation, we will talk about its episodic form. Indeed, Game of Moans is presented in the form of mini-games in the visual novel which are released at regular intervals. The first episode is called "The whores of Winterfell", and reminds a lot of hentai VNs (if you have ever played one, you will see the inspiration here).

Gameplay of Game of Moans

The gameplay is also similar to a Visual Novel. You play as a man with the surname Rockhard (i.e. 'hard as a rock'), and starting your adventure at Winterfell in the arms of Sansa and Arya Stark, you'll then spend much of the game wandering around, meeting women (including familiar ones like Daenerys Targaryen) and fucking them !

You'll progress through the game by talking to the people around you along your adventure. The sex scenes are sometimes hard and intense, you'll really get a kick out of them quickly if you liked the series or if you like the style of graphic novels.

Game of Moans : a graphic style inspired by hentai

This is not a game that relies on realism to sell itself: it opts instead for a style inspired by hentai. The scenes are entirely in 2D and the drawings are stylized anime. The interest of 2D in porn is that it offers the possibility to have much more detail, and to rely on the fact that the drawings are frozen to offer you beautiful scenes with women with realistic and sexy proportions.

How to play Game of Moans ?

Game of Moans is a downloadable game. In order to play it, go to the link on the right. Once you have verified your age and completed your registration on the site, you will have access to many downloadable games such as The Fister, Narcos XXX, and of course, Game of Moans.

Once you have downloaded it, you will have access to all the episodes that will be added as the developers put them online. Don't finish the episodes too quickly, or you'll be drooling waiting for the next one !


Game of Moans is a great game for fans of graphic novels, hentai lovers, but especially fans of the cult series Game of Thones. If you have always dreamed of seeing one of the women of the series being taken apart, this is the game for you. Don't hesitate any longer, download Game of Moans for free today !


  • The Game of Thrones universe is well respected
  • A 2D style for more details
  • A erotic and naughty gameplay
  • Many characters known from the series
  • Free download


  • Download required
  • You have to wait for the next part !


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