The Fister review


The Fister

If you're a video game addict, you're probably familiar with the action RPG The Witcher. It is at the top of the list of the best games. Netflix has even adapted it. To top it all off, The Witcher has been parodied into a porn game under the name The Fister. Find in our review of The Fister the complete analysis of the game as well as its many qualities before diving into the porn universe of the hit game.

The Fister storyline

Although the name given to the game might suggest that the main plot is the practice of the Fist, which consists of inserting your hand into an orifice, this is not the case at all. It is the perfect parody of The Witcher and the universe is extremely well copied and adapted. You will find the main characters in action in the magical world that can be discovered in the original game. Of course, the adventure will be much more hard and naughty than in The Witcher, for your greatest pleasure. The main characters will take you on torrid adventures that you will have to live through to progress in the game.

Our review of The Fister and its graphic quality

In this game, as you can also read in our review of Red Bed Seduction, the graphics are extremely well done. The 3D allows you to enter the real world of the adventure. You will be able to meet well-modeled characters that will give you extreme excitement. The animations of the characters' bodies are almost of the same quality as in a movie and you can experience the torrid scenes as if you were there, living the hard sex as the protagonist, behind your screen. But you'll still have a free hand to get the most out of it.

Review of the sound in The Fister

Like many other porn games, the sound is important here too. What could be better than hearing your partner's moans and groans as if you were right next to him? Everything has been thought out and designed to give you the maximum sensation.

Start playing

After registering and verifying your majority, you will have to create your character. Then, you will choose your adventure partner(s) who will make you live hard moments throughout the game. You will be able to shape her body, her curves, according to your desires and fantasies. Another interesting aspect is that you can choose the degree of sex you want to have throughout the game. The Fister is therefore suitable for all sex lovers, whether they like it hard or soft.

Our final opinion of our review on The Fister

You will have noticed it: this game has all the assets to be at the top in the universe of porn games. Its graphics are of impeccable quality, the level of play is adjustable, which will delight everyone. You will be able to model your partner's assets and select the most torrid scenes to make you spend good moments of excitement. In short, this is a game to discover without delay if you want to save the world by enjoying torrid moments.


  • A very good parody of The Witcher
  • We take pleasure to fuck heroines of the saga
  • Really hardcore sex at times


  • You have to be of age to play
  • Sometimes a little hand-holding


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