Puzzle and Panties


Puzzle and Panties

Are you ready to put your brain to work to solve the terrible puzzles? In Puzzle and Panties, you'll have to really think on your feet to defeat the monsters that inhabit this world. But don't worry, the rewards are worth it. The women of the Puzzle and Panties world will throw themselves at your feet and let you fulfill your every fantasy.

Are you ready ? Let's get started !

What is Puzzle and Panties ?

Puzzle and Panties is simply a hentai match 3 game with a story in which you will travel through a world in danger. But that's not all, Puzzle and Panties is also a collectible card game, and not just any cards: animated hentai cards ! By solving the puzzles, you will earn cards that you can add to your collection. These cards represent the characters you will meet throughout your adventure and usually in erotic and sexy positions.

There are over 250 cards to collect and hundreds of different puzzles. Puzzle and Panties is a game that will give you hours of fun and pleasure. Go into battle with the match 3 system: the longer and more powerful your combos, the more you will beat your enemies in a duel. Moreover, depending on the quality of your combos, you may denude the demons that try to suck you off.

And the gameplay ?

As I said above, Puzzle and Panties is a match 3 game. You will have to put side by side 3 diamonds of the same color to make a combo and annihilate your enemies. Sometimes you'll have to think a bit more about how you're going to combine your rubies to unleash a huge combo and defeat the group of demons in one go.

But you will have another way to play this hentai game. The sex scenes are very much like a visual novel. You will be able to chat with the women and demons you meet, and with a little charm, you will end up in bed or hidden behind a tree in the forest. You will then have the choice of positions you want to fuck your partner.

Hardcore rewards

The main attraction of Puzzle and Panties is to solve puzzles and get sexy cards in exchange. Some characters you will meet during your adventure will give you missions to accomplish (beat 3 monsters with a combo, make a demoness cum in 1 minute, etc.) and if you succeed, you will get particularly hot rewards in exchange.

Some cards are even ultra rare, meaning that you will be able to click on the sexy card, and a special fuck scene, unique to that card will play out before your eyes. That's why it's super important to collect them all !

Our final opinion on Puzzle and Panties

Honestly, I loved the time I spent on this hentai game. It's possible to play it for hours because the match 3 combat system is so fun and addictive. The sex scenes are super erotic and will not fail to give you a hard-on. The soundtrack, although a little behind, does what is necessary to give you a pleasant experience.

And of course, the card system to play and collect is simply addictive, you just want to get them all !


  • Fun and exciting puzzles
  • Sexy 2D illustrations
  • Intriguing story


  • Quite difficult at times
  • Some animations are a bit ridiculous


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