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Our opinion on Apexxx Legends

Tempted by the porn game experience? We give you all our opinions on Apexxx Legends so that this game is no longer a secret for you.

If you're a fan of online video games, you probably haven't missed the war game Apex Legends. This game available on all platforms (PS, Switch, Xbox) offers a free version that makes it accessible to everyone. Imagine an adventure game where war would be replaced by fucking and where the crime scenes would only be buttocks. Well, that's the universe of the porn game Apexxx Legends, this parody of the original game which is very popular at the moment!

What is Apexxx Legends ?

As a big fan of Apex Legends, when we saw that there was a pornographic version of the game we could only be happy. This Hunger Games-like game is a thrilling adventure game that takes place in space. After years of war, the region called "Frontier" is liberated but still far from being at peace. It's a hostile land, poor and plundered by outlaws who only want one thing, to seize the last remaining wealth.

The game Apexxx Legends, is a pornographic parody of this adventure game and we must say that it is very successful. An adventure game, where adrenaline is at its peak and the only way to progress in the game is to fuck as many people as possible, the idea is more than pleasant. No more bloody fights, just good, big, totally wild fucking.

You have been warned, in this game there is no such thing as softness. Between bondage scenes and big gang-bangs, beware of sensitive souls who might be shocked. In a universe shared between reality and cartoon, discover your favorite characters of the classic version in full sexual romp!

How to play Apexxx Legends

Like all pornographic games, you must be of age to play. Before you start the game, you'll need to fill in a few details. First of all, you will have to answer a few questions while having the chance to see torrid scenes in the background. You will have to answer questions like "do you accept to see violent sex scenes" or "do you accept to see scenes of domination and submission".

These are some basic but essential questions as we remind you that this game is not about sex. The questionnaire will also ask you if you have any addictive tendencies, to sex or otherwise. Because yes, this game has been rated among the most addictive porn games. You are warned. Once you are in the heart of Apexxx Legends, you will find it hard to get rid of it. Finally, you will have to confirm that you are not prone to epileptic seizures.

Don't worry, it only takes a few seconds to complete the questionnaire! You are almost there!

Choose the intensity of the acts

Once the site is sure that you agree to the rules of the game, it will ask you for your preferences. Since the main goal is to have fun, the game will base itself on your favorite sexual practices to put you in the mode that suits you best. Extreme sex, sodomy, solo or with others, there is something for everyone.

You'll also have the chance to choose which characters you want to sleep with. Who will you choose between Loba, Lifeline or Rampart?

When it comes to choosing intensity, our opinion of Apexxx Legends is mixed. Despite a willingness to let users choose different modes, the sex scenes are still very hard. If you are more fond of "basic" sexual practices such as a little fellatio or penetration, skip it. Choose instead X games like NarcosXXX where you can adjust the intensity of the sexual acts. If you are interested in this game, go and read our reviews on NarcosXXX, which will give you more details on this sexual parody of the series Narcos.

The goal of the game

If the original version consists in shooting all the enemies that cross your path, the goal here is quite different. Small spoiler, this game is as addictive as we expected.

You will find the cult modes of the original game but in a sex version, among which is the famous Battle Royal. In order to advance in the game you will have to fuck a lot of people! The more characters you sleep with, the more chances you have to advance in the game. This 100% fun game will not be of any rest believe us.

During the adventure you will win naughty pictures and videos that will keep you busy between two games. You will have the chance to see people in action during big gangbangs and other hardcore scenes.

The game controls, displayed on the screen, make the experience much more enjoyable. Unlike some X games, this one can be played easily with one hand… Which is a very good point to take into account.

Our opinion on the graphics of Apexxx Legends

You agree with us if we tell you that a good experience goes through a good visual and sound quality, even more it is about sex! On this point, the erotic game is up to our expectations. If some offer a more than mediocre quality with pixelated images and repeated bells and whistles, this is not the case of Apexxx Legends.

The designers relied on a 3D visual that makes the experience immediately more pleasant. The curves of the people are worked which facilitates the setting in condition. The graphics are well thought out and of high quality, and that's a pleasure! Be in the front row of hot sex, as if you were living it in reality.

Add to that an element that plays a major role: the sound! What could be more exciting than to hear the breath of the characters… thrills guaranteed. Once again the game does not disappoint! The moans and cries of pleasure emitted at any time will give you a wave of intense pleasure. It reminds us of the excellent Fucknite!

Our final opinion on Apexxx Legends

The porn version of the war game is a real success. If like here, you want to find your video game characters in full orgasm, check out our review of Bangerlands3. It features the characters of the game Borderlands3 in the midst of intense pleasure. Just like in Apexxx Legends the sex is hardcore and aggressive.

The graphics are of good quality which is a real pleasure for the eyes.

We validate 100% this game which mixes adrenalin, hard sex and pleasure!


  • The Apex Legends universe very well respected
  • Hardcore sex scenes
  • Possibility to play for free


  • Subscription required for multiplayer games


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