Fallen takes place in the kingdom of Gardona where everyone dreams of treasure and adventure, but the world is littered with terrifying monsters that will not hesitate to kidnap you. You play as Makina, a warrior with dreamy curves and known to all thanks to her legendary breasts, and you decide to go and make your fortune by travelling around Gardona, but a terrible spell seems to make the inhabitants particularly perverse…

Can you make your fortune and save the inhabitants of Gardona ?

What is Fallen ?

Fallen is a hentai game that combines RPG and sex scene. Built with RPG Maker, you will participate in one of the most erotic adventures ever. As you walk through the ruins of the village, you notice that the adventurers who accompany you change in a very strange way. The inhabitants of the village, too, seem to be affected by this evil spell. You are the only one to resist.

What is this evil spell? All the inhabitants, men or women, become perverts who do not stop touching you. Around you, you only notice orgies or sexual acts. The whole village is fucking non-stop. So you'll have to find the source of this curse to free the villagers from its grip.

And the gameplay ?

Fallen is played like a classic RPG in which you will walk around in different and varied settings and environments. Seen from above, you will be able to enter the buildings and try to understand what's going on. Be careful not to get kidnapped by horny men who only want to fuck you in all directions. To protect yourself, you have your powerful sword, but you'll also have to let yourself go to learn more about the curse.

So the game is divided into two parts: the main part where you will walk around the game and investigate the curse, but also fight the monsters of the ruins if necessary. And there is also the second part where you will have to fuck in the brothel of the city to discover more and get as much information as possible. Be careful, you'll also have to fuck goblins, who know more than the villagers.

The pleasure of anal

Fallen is a hentai game for anal lovers, if this is a position that excites you, then you must play this game. Knowing that the villagers are excited all the time because of the evil spell, you will have to calm them down and satisfy them. And there are a lot of villagers, that's why the game has a lot of orgy scenes or gang bang scenes where every hole of Makina will be used to get empty. Makina will also be accompanied by the other prostitutes of the village, also affected by the curse, to help you learn more.

With over 70 different fuck scenes, hundreds of characters you can fuck without limit, and several different endings, Fallen is a truly complete RPG that will satisfy you sexually. The story is just as exciting and we appreciate the writing that makes you want to know more. And if you like anal, the game will offer you the most exciting illustrations of your life.

Our final opinion on Fallen

We haven't finished Fallen entirely yet, but the many hours we spent in the game have totally won us over. Exciting, hot and hard, Fallen will make you cum with particularly explicit and uncensored sex scenes! Makina is a terribly sexy heroine, and to see her being taken by dozens of men and women to save the village is something superbly exciting.

So Fallen is a game I can only recommend to you, to add in your list of games you must do !


  • Handmade animations and drawings
  • A real RPG with a story
  • For lovers of anal sex


  • Interface a bit old
  • A bit long even for an RPG


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