Hardcore Simulator


Hardcore Simulator

If you are a lover of sex simulators, porn games and hardcore sex, you will love Hardcore Simulator. This is a game created for those who love sex that is a little intense, sometimes even violent ! With this simulator, live your most intense dreams without guilt and without real violence.

In the following article you will find a presentation of the gameplay, graphics, and many other elements that will make you understand why this game remains one of the most beloved hardcore simulators.

Satisfy all your most perverse desires with Hardcore Simulator !

This game is a real nugget for all XXX game lovers. Without going into detail about what you can do in the game (because that would take way too long - and ruin the fun!), there are almost no limits. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want with the characters in the game. These characters can be women or men, but also humanoid creatures like fairies, elves, werewolves and more !

This game really doesn't limit you in creating sexy scenarios. You can choose to do lots of different acts like fellatio, anal, BDSM, but also use sex toys and hentai style tentacles.

Hardcore Simulator: live your most violent fantasies without guilt !

If you like hardcore sex, S&M and all that goes with it, you've probably faced the following problem: it's not always easy to find a partner who is willing to undergo such intense acts, or to make you undergo them! You can often find yourself frustrated with wanting to live out your fantasies, but not wanting to hurt anyone.

That's the beauty of hardcore sex simulators! All the characters in Hardcore Simulator are hot and love it! You never have to wonder whether or not you're going too far.

The technical side of Hardcore Simulator

Let's see now some details about the gameplay and the graphics/sound quality of it.

The gameplay

The gameplay of Hardcore Simulator is very varied, but remains quite simple. It varies between RPG adventure parts, sex scenes and mini games. The sex scenes are 3D scenes where you take control of the camera, and you manage the scene. You tell your characters what to do and how to do it, you create a setting and you make the scene from scratch.

What about the graphics and animation ?

Hardcore Simulator is a browser game created with HTML5. This simply means that it's a light game that won't eat up your entire connection, yet it looks great - that's one of the great things about browser games. The graphics are very nice, incredible even for a no download game. You'll have no trouble enjoying yourself when you're fucking chicks in ultra-realistic 3D from a first-person perspective with Hardcore Simulator !

And the sound ?

As you may have guessed, to accompany the quality graphics, there is an excellent soundtrack. Very natural and exciting sound effects and voice acting of a superb quality. Sometimes some sex games can have annoying sound effects that repeat every 3 seconds - this is not the case here. The sound effects are varied and ultra exciting !


To draw a conclusion about this hardcore sex simulator, we can say that it is a very good quality simulator. This one aims to satisfy the most perverse and intense desires that you can have. Thanks to the quality of its graphics and its soundtrack, you will quickly get into the action.

No more porn videos with simple fucking, go to the porn game stage! Take the reins yourself, and make your sexiest creations suffer your most depraved desires !


  • Many sexual practices
  • No download required
  • Various partners (man, woman, creature...)
  • A varied gameplay


  • Can sometime be very Hardcore


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