Boobs in the City


Boobs in the City

In Boobs in the City, you'll have to train the hottest contestants around to win your city's wet t-shirt tournament! Now play the first hentai shooter game that combines 3D combat levels with hand-drawn erotic 2d illustrations.

Can you be the perfect coach for your team of hot girls ?

What is Boobs in the City ?

Boobs in the City is the first hentai game with a third person shooter gameplay. It's simply unheard of, especially considering the production quality of this hentai game. It's clearly a high quality game, rather than a basic erotic visual novel. By the way, the game is completely uncensored, so you will see all the sex scenes in ultra high quality, for our greatest pleasure !

The story is very simple, you are a coach who has to train a team of girls (all of them as hot as each other) to win the city's wet t-shirt tournament. But be careful, it's not just any wet t-shirt tournament, here it's all about strategy and intelligence. Because you will have to use real water guns to spray the other fighters !

To put the odds in your favor, you'll have to personally get to know each of the girls on your team and spend time with them to train them and improve their stats and techniques. And not to lie, these training sessions always end up with some of the most erotic and exciting sex.

And the gameplay ?

Boobs in the City mixes two types of gameplay in one game: the combat part where you will fight in an arena against other opponents and the training/sex scenes part. The first part is a super nervous and super addictive third person shooter. You will fight with your water gun (which is different depending on the girl you are using) and the goal is to knock out your opponents by dousing them with water, which will allow us to see their tits through their t-shirts !

The second part is the most exciting one, we are talking here of course about the training/sex scene part. Here you will have to choose a girl who is not as good as you want and teach her new techniques by fucking her until she can't take it anymore. You'll be able to choose a variety of different positions as well as fucking and fighting techniques that each girl will be able to improve by sucking you off or by completing certain objectives.

Fucking in 3D and 2D !

What makes Boobs in the City different from other porn games is that this hentai game offers two different types of fucking scenes! You read correctly, you will have 3D fuck scenes, with the model of your favorite fighters that you will be able to fuck in all the positions that excite you (doggy style, cowgirl, fellatio, threesomes…). The soundtrack here is of superior quality, the moans of your female fighters will send you to 7ᵉ heaven.

And you also have the 2D fuck scenes with hand-drawn illustrations for our pleasure. Here you are going to have more detail, but less positions available. The mix of the two types (3d, 2d) is so well done, that it's terribly difficult to hold on for more than 5 minutes.

Our final opinion on Boobs in the City

I can only advise you to play Boobs in the City. Just for the third person shooter aspect which is super fun and really addictive. But the game also offers a breathtaking animation quality and the 2D and 3D fuck scenes, makes Boobs in the City the ultimate Hentai game…

So, what are you waiting for? Personally, I'm going back, Makoto is waiting for me for his training session of the day !


  • An addictive 3D shooter
  • A hentai game in 3D
  • The sex scenes are very exciting


  • 3D models not as detailed as we would like
  • The multiplayer tends to be a bit slow


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