Shelter 69


Shelter 69

In Shelter 69 you are the last survivor on an earth destroyed by a disease that kills only men. You have managed to survive in a bunker of your own making and after a few years you can finally get out to see what is left of the world. To your surprise, women start arriving outside your bunker to live with you and repopulate the land.

Will you be able to satisfy all these women ?

What is Shelter 69 ?

Shelter 69 is a hentai game mixing two kinds of games at the same time: a survival game in which you will have to manage and build your bunker to allow all your women to join you and improve their living conditions, but Shelter 69 is also a very horny porn game in which you will have to repopulate the earth and satisfy the sexual needs of your women. Your life in the bunker just got particularly hot.

This part of the game, which is very much like a dating simulator, will let you talk to and charm some unique characters (over 40 women to collect). You will manage them, in bed, but also by giving them jobs to do in the bunker. Moreover, the story of Shelter 69 is quite captivating and will make you discover an apocalyptic world as you have never seen it.

And the gameplay ?

The gameplay of Shelter 69 is particularly addictive. Not to mention the ultra erotic sex scenes and the hundreds of positions available, charming, luring and recruiting new women into your hare… bunker pardon is really fun. You will have to understand and pay attention to each character to better understand them and improve your relationship with them. This will then unlock more and more intense fuck scenes !

The management of the bunker is also particularly enjoyable. Without stress, you'll have to manage and improve your bunker to make it bigger, which will allow you to attract even more women ! Send your recruits on missions to retrieve resources or women in distress. It is even possible to fight different types of monsters in the game. Be careful not to lose your women, because in this hentai survival game, if you lose one of your recruits in battle, she won't come back.

Manage your bunker and create a personal harem

This is the most enjoyable aspect of Shelter 69. This is the aspect of the game that differentiates it from other classic porn games. Here, there is a real game behind it, a complex management and construction system that will make you want to play often to unlock all the improvements of your bunker. You'll be able to create your own personalized bunker that's all yours.

If you like orgies with your women, why not build a sex room dedicated to this sexual practice? Do you want to have a perfect room to bring your women, suck and fuck? No worries, you can! You also have total control over the clothes and movements of the women who live in your bunker. You are truly the master of the place and you can do as you please.

After all, you're here to repopulate the land, and your women, who haven't seen a man in years, have a lot of desire to satisfy, so hang on.

Our final opinion on Shelter 69

I can't recommend Shelter 69 enough. It's a super fun survival game with really sexy characters, but also interesting to know. The story is captivating and the gameplay addictive. The more rooms you unlock in your bunker, the more you will have access to ultra hot sex scenes that will make you get a hard-on.

A must play.


  • 100+ different animations and images
  • A terribly addictive survival game
  • Manage your bunker full of hot women


  • Intrusive ads


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