Gay Harem


Gay Harem

Are you looking for a game dedicated to gay fun while having a visual inspired by Japanese manga? You must try Gay Harem, one of the best online gay porn games of the moment.

Find our detailed description of the game, its features, how to register and much more.

What is Gay Harem ?

Gay Harem is a gay porn game with a hentai style. If for the manga fans, the word hentai tells you something, for the others we explain everything. The hentai mode is a pornographic cover of Japanese anime, it features fictional characters straight out of manga.

In Gay Harem it is the same style that is used. Moreover, this game was designed to please gays who want to have a hot time online. It is composed only of men and the goal is to fuck them as much as possible. This game is based on the same story as Hentai Heroes. It is an adventure game where the goal is to succeed in challenges and fuck all the guys you meet.

In addition to a big dose of adrenaline this game also brings you a lot of thrills because you will not be able to resist the charms of the characters. The men are all sexy and it will be possible to choose their appearance according to your tastes.

How to play Gay Harem ?

The game is completely free of charge, so you can play in peace without fear of being charged. In this game there is no scam, only the pleasure counts and you will realize it very quickly.

We remind you that this game contains pornographic images and that it is therefore forbidden for minors to have access to it. Moreover, some sex scenes will be very hard, so it is not recommended for people with heart problems to play.

For the others, you will just have to click on play to taste the pleasure of Gay Harem ! Enter your email address to save your games and advance in the game and let's go! It is important to save because the more you progress in the game the more naughty the scenes are, it would be stupid to go back to the beginning.

Back to the graphics and sound of the game

Nothing to say about this point. The hentai mode brings a real plus to the game which allows you to live hot moments without taboos. The men's bodies are very sexy, well muscled and their sex is huge! What to enjoy the whole game.

A real work has also been done on the sound effects which are very very good. You will hear your characters moaning during intense penetration or torrid anilingus. One thing is sure, you will love playing Gay Harem.

Our final opinion on Gay Harem

For gay men who are looking for intense porn games with a well-constructed story, exciting sex scenes and sexy men, you have found the game you need.

We recommend you without hesitation Gay Harem which will plunge you into a very hot universe in one click. Click on play you will thank us later.


  • Hentai mode
  • A game designed for gays
  • Sex scenes galore
  • Ultra sexy men


  • Prohibited to minors


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