Fap Ceo



Does the idea of a manager sleeping with his employees turn you on? Look no further, FAP CEO is the porn game for you. This hyper exciting hentai game takes you in the skin of a boss of a naughty video game production. Your mission as a boss, to take care of your employees… in a very hot way.

Did we succeed in making you want to try this game? Read our quick and complete description to know everything about this super stimulating game.

What is FAP CEO ?

FAP CEO is a hentai porn game with a story that will make many fantasize.

Indeed in this game you will embody a man in charge of managing an online video chat studio. In order to sell better, you will have to hire super agile and sexy saleswomen who will attract customers… and not only. As a good boss, your mission will be to make these saleswomen comfortable and take care of them. Do you see where we're going with this? In between sales, you'll be able to have sex with the saleswomen you've chosen and have a lot of fun at work.

The more you progress in the game, the more you will unlock very naughty hentai features. FAP CEO has swept away all taboos and you will see that your saleswomen will be ready to do anything to make your business rise to the top. This game is a real management game because you will have to learn how to hire the right girls, manage your business and ensure in all areas not to sink.

In the game you will have the choice of a large panel from the 4 horizons. Brunettes, blondes, small or large breasts, there will be something for everyone.

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The gameplay, graphics and soundtrack of the game

If you are afraid that you don't know how to play because you don't know how to manage a business, don't panic. The game is super fun and very intuitive so you'll find your bearings quickly. All the rules are very well explained and the player experience will be very smooth.

The strength of this game is obviously the graphics which are top notch! If you like the hentai mode you will be seduced by the game. It features sexy girls with Japanese anime looks that will not leave you indifferent. During the game you can modify the physical appearance of your girls according to your taste so that they become even sexier.

Concerning the sounds, although very exciting at the beginning, they can be a bit repetitive during the game. Nothing too serious though because the sexual tension in the game will be strong enough to keep you excited all game long.

Our final opinion on FAP CEO

The game is simply excellent and it is not for nothing that it has its place among the best hentai games.

This game is made for players who have the soul of a businessman and who want to control everything in the game. Indeed, the fact that you play a boss will give you all the cards to decide the course of the game. From the saleswomen, to the sex scenes, to your girls' looks, all the choices are yours.

This 100% game will make you feel more and more tense with each game. The more levels you go through, the more complex the sexual practices become and the hotter they get.

Enough wasting time, go and try this game with its exciting hentai universe and its ultra hot saleswomen!


  • The hentai mode is very good
  • Having the charisma of a boss
  • Super sexy girls
  • Many sex scenes, sometimes hardcore


  • Repetitive moans and sounds
  • Forbidden for children under 18 years old


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