Welcome to Cockville ! Take control of your farm and manage your land and animals in this management game. But that's not all, in Cockville you'll be able to meet charming young men (and older ones too) who only want to get to know you and learn more about who you are.

Cockville is the super sexy and erotic gay dating simulator that will make you want to play non-stop.

What is Cockville ?

As I said above, Cockville is a gay porn game that mixes dating simulator and game in which you have to take care of your farm. It all starts when you take over the farm of your grandfather who has just died. You receive a strange letter from him after his death that explains that he bequeaths his entire estate to you, but in exchange you must come and live in Cockville. Strangely enough, he notes at the bottom of the letter that you must be careful of the men in town.

So you arrive at your farm and right away you are stopped by Kyle who is your grandfather's former assistant. Kyle is very cute and seems very excited about your arrival. So excited in fact that the keys to the farm are on a ring that his erect penis is holding. You have no choice but to give him a blow job to get them back.

So begins your epic, erotic story in Cockville !

And the gameplay ?

The gameplay is quite addictive. Mixing management game and dating sim, Cockville will propose you to take care of the farm during the day, and to go pick up beautiful stallions in the evening and at night to decompress from a hard day's work at the farm. The more money you make from your farm, the more you'll meet the men who make up the town of Cockville and make deals with the merchants to earn even more. To help you do business, there's also a good chance that many men will get down on all fours to suck your cock and win your favor.

You'll have different stories depending on the characters you meet, and no worries, in Cockville you can fuck whoever you want as many times as you want. No one will be jealous! You're here to get sucked and fucked by pretty boys, so get your rocks off.

Burning lime men

You will be shocked by the beauty of Cockville men, they are all as handsome and sexy as each other. With well-muscled bodies and thick limbs. You'll soon find yourself in fuck heaven being taken by all these men who are just waiting for one thing: to use your body for their pleasure.

The butcher, the baker or the mayor of Cockville are all simply magnificent. They will offer you ultra erotic sexual advances. Attention, guaranteed erection. Will you be able to resist their bulging muscles ?

Our final opinion on Cockville

After a few weeks of playing Cockville, I really recommend it. The game is fun and even addictive. Taking care of the farm is fun and not too headachey. The more you progress in the story, the more you will meet new men for your pleasure. The creators of the game make an effort to add new content quickly.

If you are looking for a pleasant and not too heady game with ultra hot sex scenes. I can only advise you to play Cockville.


  • A super erotic management game
  • Men for all tastes
  • A super fun and exciting story


  • You have to pay to advance without being blocked


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