King of Kinks


King of Kinks

Are you looking for a 5vs5 strategy game in which you will have to train your female fighters and be the general of your army and harem? Then you must play King of Kinks. It is a high quality hentai game in which you will be able to use your brain and your thick "sword" to train the women who make up your army.

What is King of Kinks ?

Contrary to a classic hentai game where the only goal is to enjoy quickly by watching animations one after the other, in King of Kinks, you have a real strategy game in which you will have to use your neurons to find the best tactics that will allow you to beat your enemies and become the strongest general in the world.

In the kingdom of the clouds, women completely dominate men and use them as sex toys to satisfy all their desires. You are a former son of a king and you decide to launch a huge rebellion to take back the control of the kingdom. Thanks to your legendary charm and your massive member, you manage to convince women to join your army and lead the rebellion to become the king of the cloud kingdom.

And the gameplay ?

King of Kinks is a mix between a dating simulator and a turn-based strategy game. Between each fight, you will be able to discuss and train your recruits who all have specific powers that can help you win the rebellion. If you manage to get close to these women, they will thank you for being the best general you can be by offering you their bodies to satisfy your desires for flesh.

Depending on the battle, you will have to find the best possible fighting position by putting together a team that will allow you to solve all types of battles. In addition, in some battles you will have to go to the battlefield yourself, because sometimes the only way to win is to satisfy and pleasure your enemies so that they join your side.

The women of the cloud kingdom love only one thing: big, thick members and being taken doggy style. And if they're not satisfied, you'll have to beat them to the punch with your recruits!

Manage your personal harem

Besides the highly strategic and fun fights, the other main attraction of King of Kinks is the fact that you will have to build and manage your own harem! And to do that, you'll have to complete specific missions to have a chance to win a new recruit who will be waiting for you in your bed, to your great pleasure.

There are simply hundreds of different women to collect in King of Kinks. There's something for everyone and of course the sex scenes with them are simply divine. Well animated, these sex scenes will give you total control over the positions you can do with your recruits.

We also love the possibility of learning some special powers through erotic events (orgies, threesomes…) that are particularly exciting.

Our final opinion on King of Kinks

After having played for hours King of Kinks, I can only recommend this hentai game. The strategic aspect is complex and fun enough to have fun. The sex scenes will make you want to continue collecting the most beautiful women of the cloud kingdom! We regret a little that the soundtrack, especially during the sexual acts, is a little behind. We would have liked more moans from our recruits.

King of Kinks is a perfect mix between a real strategy game and a hentai game that I can only advise you.


  • An impressive strategy game
  • Beautifully animated sex scenes
  • Hundreds of women to collect


  • You have to play a lot to unlock all the characters
  • Soundtrack is repetitive


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