Jerkmate Gay


Jerkmate Gay

Take control of super exciting and hot gay porn actors in Jerkmate Gay, the new porn game with real people who obey you with their fingers. Don't wait a single second and fulfill your fantasy of dominating and controlling beautiful studs who are just waiting to obey you and satisfy all your sexual needs.

What is Jerkmate Gay ?

As I said, Jerkmate Gay is a gay porn game in which you will be able to ask real actors to obey you. Offered by the cam site, Jerkmate, this option is a new addition to the site for your greatest pleasure. If you don't feel like masturbating alone anymore, you can simply ask actors to spend a good time with you.

We regret that some of the options are not free, especially the most exciting ones. But considering the quality of the game itself, we can understand why you should pay to have access to everything.

And the gameplay ?

The gameplay itself is quite simple: you choose an actor who makes you feel like it, and then you'll have a list of sexual positions or favors that you can ask him to do just for you. What's really nice is that the actor communicates with you and talks to you, giving a feeling that he is (or are, for two people games) present in the same room with you. It really feels like an exchange with someone.

You will have the choice to ask him to masturbate for you or to suck another actor you like. Choose from a wide selection of sex toys that he will be eager to put in his ass. As you can see, you'll have plenty of commands to choose from to make him do what you want.

Take control

This is the main interest of Jerkmate Gay, the fact that you can take control of the actors you see on the screen. You'll have a large basic selection, even larger if you decide to pay. Furthermore, to add even more fun, the game also offers you actor combos: in one section of the game, you will have the choice to do a session with several actors interacting together for even more excitement!

These are the scenes that I personally enjoyed the most, being able to choose two beautiful stallions that would obey each of my requests is something I've been looking for for some time now on the internet. And this is exactly what Jerkmate Gay offers, I don't need to masturbate alone in front of my screen anymore, now I can share with porn actors who have a big cock a torrid and exciting moment.

Our final opinion on Jerkmate Gay

I assure you that Jerkmate Gay is totally worth it. That feeling of pleasure when you take control of these gay porn actors, will make you cum in an instant. Even if the list of positions you can ask them is a bit short without paying, the result is more than crazy. Not to mention the choice of actors available, you'll have plenty to do when playing Jerkmate Gay.

Never masturbate alone again with this gay porn game that will make you take control of real actors, each one better than the other! To be played without moderation.


  • Take control of real porn actors
  • An enjoyable feeling of domination
  • Lots of different actors


  • You have to pay to access all the options


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