Dick Dolls

If you've ever dreamed of fucking women with thick, throbbing dicks, you need to play Dick Dolls! The new ultra realistic 3D porn game that will take your breath away. Here there's no talking, you choose your scene, the women you want to fuck and off you go. The moans that come out of your screen will make you reach nirvana in less than 5 seconds.

Be careful though, this game sometimes has some pretty hardcore scenes !

What is Dick Dolls ?

Dick Dolls is a porn game in which you will be able to fuck women with a big cock. Being part of the big family of ultra-realistic simulation games, Dick Dolls will offer you an extraordinary experience. The game is quite simple simply because all the effort of the creators has been put into the design of the graphics, the sound and the 3D models that you will be able to fuck.

The technique of this ultra-realistic porn game will take you by surprise. It's so beautiful that it's sometimes very difficult to know where the game starts and where the reality stops. The first time I played this game, I chose the scene in the nightclub. With my headset on, I felt like I was part of the scene. And I can tell you, when Kelly asked me to follow her to a VIP room to suck me, it was very hard to say no and not cum in her mouth !

And the gameplay ?

As I said above, the gameplay is clearly in the background and you have to know it before starting to play this porn game. Indeed, you should not forget that here it is not so much the gameplay that counts, but of course the experience of fucking women. More like an interactive movie, you will be able to choose the scene you want, the partners you want and that's it.

And that's where the problem lies. You get around Dick Dolls pretty quickly. This is not to say that the experience is not good. Far from it! But I was a little disappointed to quickly go through the game in a few days. And the replayability isn't really there. Even if you have to take into account that the creators keep adding content.

Fucking without limits

After that, if your fantasy is to fuck women with big dicks, you'll enjoy Dick Dolls! The fuck scenes are just as exciting as they can be. And you can replay a scene as many times as you want! A good point for the game. We will also appreciate the various possibilities of fuck positions.

Orgies, anal, fellatio, Spanish handjob, facial cum, doggy style, etc… You will have understood, you will have what to do in Dick Dolls to empty your balls.

Our final opinion on Dick Dolls

Generally speaking, my opinion is very positive. Despite the fact that the game is quite short and that it doesn't offer much customization. Dick Dolls remains a classic. It is also one of the only games of this quality that lets you fuck women with huge cocks for your greatest pleasure. Not to mention that the quality of the 3D models is just amazing (you'll see, it will take your breath away).

So I can only advise you to play Dick Dolls, knowing that it's a short experience, but still enjoyable. So what are you waiting for ? It's over there !


  • A breathtaking 3D
  • Finally a real shemale game
  • Pretty hardcore fuck scene


  • Too short
  • Not enough customization


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