Cunt Wars


Cunt Wars

Do you have the soul of a warrior but find that war games are sorely lacking in sex? Why not start playing Cunt Wars. This hentai porn game is the perfect mix between strategy, thinking and sex galore.

Curious to know more about this ultra addictive game? Read our quick and complete description of the game so that it is no longer a secret for you.

What is Cunt Wars ?

Cunt Wars is one of the most played Hentai games on the porn market (to know everything about the hentai mode go to the description of the game graphics).

Cunt Wars is a completely free game, like most of the hentai games, which offers the possibility to have fun without paying a single game. This is a very good asset because it is often disappointing to want to play a porn game and realize that it is paying. In this game this is not the case and you can go in with your eyes closed.

The goal of the game is simple. You will have a deck of cards representing super sexy and hot warriors. During the fights, you will have to analyze the strategy and choose which warrior will be the best to fight and win. It's a game that requires some thought because the more you win, the more you'll get very naughty rewards from your soldiers.

Cunt Wars is a very addictive game, full of adrenaline and very hot sex at the end of the fights. One thing is sure, the game will not be easy.

Back to the gameplay, graphics and sounds of the game

The gameplay is a bit more sophisticated than the others because there is a real story behind it and it is not just a platonic sex game. You will quickly get a taste for the fights and the rewards you win, and you will only want to keep playing more and more!

The game uses the hentai mode, a visual that we love when it comes to porn games. The hentai mode is in fact a remastered Japanese anime porn version. You will find characters straight out of manga but very sexy and irresistible version. When in addition to that, it is a warrior with a strong character and hot, we can only give in to temptation.

The only drawback is the sound of the characters. The game lacks dialogues and there are few exchanges between the characters. During the reports, the noises are not of an irreproachable quality. It would be necessary to make some changes to the soundtrack in order to improve it.

Our final opinion on Cunt Wars

Despite the sounds to be reworked, the game has a real identity and we are completely fan. Not of everything, you will be too. The story and the stakes of the game are gripping and they make us feel a little bit of adrenaline which is good.

The game is completely free, which is a real plus! It allows you to play without any time limit or money and thus to enjoy the game much more.

The hentai mode is excellent! The idea of having sex with ultra sexy manga style warriors will excite you to no end !

So what are you waiting for? Go into battle with an army of tigresses and win some very naughty rewards.


  • The game's story is gripping
  • Ultra sexy female warriors
  • You are the master of the game !


  • Forbidden for children under 18 years old
  • A game that lacks dialogue


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