Chuchu Succubus Rem


ChuChu Succubus Rem

In ChuChu Succubus Rem, you play as a succubus who wakes up in a strange village. Next to you, another succubus who claims to be your sister explains that in order to survive, you will have to collect sperm from the men of the village to stay alive and become stronger. In this quality hentai RPG game, you will have to charm and collect as much sperm as possible.

Will you succeed in discovering who you really are ?

What is ChuChu Succubus Rem ?

ChuChu Succubus Rem is a hentai game that uses the codes of Japanese RPGs to tell you an erotic and moving story. It's an old-school game, a bit kawaii, in which you control a cute little demon drawn in pixel art. You'll have to survive in this world that only wants you dead, and for that, you'll have to fight through the turn-based combat system.

But for a succubus to survive, she has to drink plenty of men's semen. That's the whole point of this hentai game, you'll have to charm and get the precious sperm to stay alive. To do this, you will be able to use your body and its sexy curves to seduce the men of the village.

And the gameplay ?

As I said before, this hentai game is an RPG which takes the classic codes of Japanese adventure games. Built in RPG Maker, you see yourself from above during the whole adventure. When you wake up near the waterfall, you will be able to walk around and get to know the surroundings of the village. But beware, there are monsters and bad men roaming around, and you are not yet strong enough to defend yourself.

The goal of the game is to defeat your enemies to get their sperm and unlock the hentai sex scenes which are terribly exciting. To do this, you will be able to use your succubus powers and choose from a few different types of gameplay: hardcore with your whip, BDSM with your handcuffs or Masochistic with your heels.

You can also choose to be the woman who got lost in the forest to make it easier to win over some reluctant men.

Suck to stay alive

As the goal of the game is to get as much sperm as possible (and yours too), the game offers particularly exciting hentai sex scenes. Without any censorship, you will be able to see your demoness being taken apart from all sides. Blowjob, doggy style, gang bang, threesome, facial cum… the list of positions you can do to get that precious sperm is huge. You'll have a great time discovering everything !

It's a refreshing game, for once you don't play the guy, but the girl who has to seduce, it's a welcome change. If you like adventure stories with succubi, this game is for you.

Our final review of ChuChu Succubus Rem

Despite the somewhat repetitive middle of the game, ChuChu Succubus Rem is a sexy and steamy hentai game, and that's exactly what we're looking for. With high quality uncensored artwork, you'll have plenty to do for weeks. With a pretty good soundtrack, you will really feel like you are there.

The mix of RPG and visual novel is very well done, and the story is intriguing enough to want to see what happens next. I recommend it !


  • A fun and addictive RPG
  • High quality Hentai drawings


  • A bit repetitive


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