Who hasn't dreamed of being a millionaire and doing whatever they want? Do you dream of being rich and powerful? That no woman would refuse you? Then you need to play Billionaire, the hentai game that lets you run your empire and fuck all the women you find good enough to blow you. If you look at something and want it, you'll get it, even the women… That's the millionaire life.

Will you be able to keep your mind off it ?

What is Billionaire ?

Billionaire is a hentai game that puts you in the shoes of a rich man. You will be able to live by spending without counting and literally buy everything you want. No woman can resist you, just take them shopping and they will do anything to satisfy you. The rich life is so nice. Think only of your pleasure and take your secretaries on a private jet in which you will fuck them without limit.

You will also be able to collect Waifu (cute women) and add them to your personal harem to fuck them as many times as you want and when you want, isn't life great? You will be able to buy them sexy outfits for your greatest pleasure, but also invite them on dates: the most beautiful restaurants for the most beautiful of your Waifu.

And the gameplay ?

The gameplay of Billionaire is quite simple. Like in a basic management game, you will have to create and manage your empire. To do this, you'll have to buy buildings and businesses that will bring you even more money. A super fun aspect of the game is the financial wars, which is a unique mode to this hentai game.

In this addictive game mode, you will be able to attack with your money a competitive company that you want to sink. By aggressively buying out or trying to destroy their reputation, you will become even richer and more powerful. And if the president of a company is a woman, you'll be able to convince her to come work for you with your thick member.

Be rich and powerful

This is the main reason why we love playing Billionaire. The fact that you can do whatever you want, sleep with whomever you want without any consequences is a really exciting feeling. To choose a woman with your eyes and the next moment she's on all fours sucking you off is a particularly pleasant feeling.

The game offers no less than 100 different women that you can meet and fuck until you can't take it anymore. Moreover, the creators of the game add new content quite often. You can choose 20 different story branches to discover all the kinky pleasures that Billionaire has to offer.

Our final opinion on Billionaire

After spending a few weeks playing Billionaire a little too actively, I can only recommend this superb quality hentai game. The sex scenes are terribly exciting and thrilling. The illustrations and animations took my breath away because they are so well done. I loved managing my personal secretaries and inviting them in my private jet for a little fucking session.

Really, if you don't know what to play, I highly recommend Billionaire.


  • Experience being rich
  • No woman will refuse you
  • Manage your empire


  • History a little bit behind
  • Some ads


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