Railway Sex


Railway Sex

In Railway Sex, you will meet some very horny women who will only want to satisfy you sexually. Stuck in a train, you will chat with some women to pass the time, and strangely, each time, they offer you a blowjob or a doggy style to pass the time. Is there something mysterious hiding in this train ?

Will you be able to be the height to understand the secret of the train ?

What is Railway Sex ?

Railway Sex is a hentai game of the visual novel category. That is to say that you are not going to play a classic game, here, you will rather enjoy the story and the sex scenes, quietly installed in your armchair. You will have the possibility to choose some actions, especially the dialogues and the positions in which you will want to fuck these women, but besides that, the game remains an interactive story.

You are on a train heading home after a long day at work. Quietly sitting, you are all sweaty from the heavy heat. It's impossible not to notice that the women in your carriage are all exceptionally fit and terribly horny.

In the first episode, you will meet Yuri, who is not really a shy girl. After quickly getting to know you, she offers to take advantage of the fact that you are now both alone in the car to get down on all fours and give you the best blowjob of your life. We warned you that she was not shy!

And the gameplay ?

As I said before, Railway Sex is a visual novel, which means that there is no real gameplay. You will just have to click on some elements of the game to move forward in the story. You will have the choice of dialogues while you talk to these beautiful women. However, you will have a little more control during the sex scenes.

Here, you will be able to choose how the scene evolves by choosing among several options that will be proposed to you. Blowjob, Spanish handjob, doggy style, reverse cowgirl… you will have a wide choice of positions available for your pleasure. And even for the final ejaculation, you will be able to choose how to cum: on her ass, inside her or even on her breasts or face. There is plenty to do and all the options are really exciting.

Hot women at your service

Railway Sex is not just one visual novel, in fact this hentai game is divided into 5 episodes in which you will be able to fuck different women and understand why the train still doesn't work and why all the women in it want to be fucked by you. In episode two for example, you will meet Akira and Hina, who will be happy to become your slaves and obey all your requests.

They will tell you more about the mystery of this sex train that doesn't seem to happen by chance. In episode 3, you will be able to fuck one of the most beautiful women in the game: Yuriko, who is a luxury prostitute. She's an elite woman who only sleeps with the most elite members of the sex train. You'll finally learn what the secret is behind it all, but I won't spoil anything for you !

Our final opinion on Railway Sex

I can only recommend Railway Sex. Even if there is not that much gameplay, the story is so exciting and full of twists and turns that it is impossible not to want to continue. The sex scenes are varied and really exciting. The characters you will meet are all interesting, and their 3D models are so erotic that it's hard to stay in front of this game.

The soundtrack is also perfect, you really feel like you are fucking someone on the train. A must play.


  • A perfect 3D
  • Multitudes of torrid partners
  • Several different episodes


  • Gameplay is a bit lacking
  • You have to pay to see the other episodes


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