Devil Girl


Devil Girl

In Devil Girl, you play as Ryunosuke, a young man who does nothing but work all day. He is still a virgin despite his age and is slowly falling into a depression. Living alone, he does nothing but work, sleep and the subway. But one day when he wakes up, something changes and a girl in a little outfit comes out of his bathroom and starts giving him oral sex.

Who is this succubus ? Will Ryunosuke finally lose his virginity ? To find out, you have to play Devil Girl.

What is Devil Girl ?

After a normal day at work, Ryunosuke falls asleep in his bed. Suddenly, an almost naked girl appears in front of him and starts promising him sexual favors. It turns out that in order to finally stop being a virgin, a succubus has appeared in Ryunosuke's life to remedy his problem. You'll have to charm her and prove to her that you're worth having sex with and becoming your favorite sex object.

Chat, charm and spend time with this demoness in Devil Girl, a hentai game that belongs to the dating simulator category. Use your money properly to buy the right gifts, otherwise you might offend her and she won't want to come to your bed at night. Go on a date and impress her with your hidden talents…

What about the gameplay ?

The gameplay of Devil Girl is quite simple, you will have in this hentai game, two different types of gameplay. The visual novel part where you will discuss and continue the story of Devil Girl, but also it is in these moments that you will participate actively in the scenes of fuck. They are hand-animated for your greatest pleasure. The soundtrack is just as erotic and exciting as the images that appear on the screen.

The second part of the game is the one where you will have to think more and use your money well to make gifts to your demoness. There will be choices to make in this part of the game and depending on your choices and how you progress in the story, you will have 7 different endings to discover! Enough to play for long hours. And we appreciate it, because even if the game is a bit short, it has a great replayability.

A succubus at your service

The main attraction of Devil Girl is that you will have only one (actually two, but you have to unlock her) succubus to satisfy. In most hentai games, you have to fuck as many women as possible. Here, you will only have to take care of one succubus and unlock as many sex scenes as possible with her. You will also have the possibility to buy her more and more sexy clothes and outfits. I particularly like the silk dress that allows us to see everything through.

Be careful though, one wrong move and your demoness will not listen to you anymore! No more fellatio or doggy style until you apologize. You'll have to work on getting her to let you fuck her without limits. And the further you get into the story, the more you get to know her, so you'll unlock even more hot fuck scenes.

The story ends once you have collected all the endings. This is when you unlock a new blue-haired demoness to start the story again with a little twist.

Our final opinion of Devil Girl

We loved the time we spent with Devil Girl. The story is surprising and turns out to be more intriguing than expected. The fuck scenes are ultra steamy and really well animated, it was awfully hard not to cum from your succubus moans. Even if the gameplay is a bit backwards, you'll have to think about it to progress properly in the story.

Devil Girl is a must-have that you have to add directly in your list of hentai games to play.


  • A surprising story with several endings
  • Very intense sex scenes
  • Quite interesting customization


  • Only two women to fuck
  • Quite short


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